Tuesday, February 11, 2020

How to Write a Muckraking Essay Sample

How to Write a Muckraking Essay SampleWriting a muckraking essay sample is an important skill that you need to acquire if you want to become a muckraking reporter or investigative journalist. Writing one of these essays will let you learn a lot about writing an effective muckraking article. This article will teach you how to use the muckraking essay as a technique in your writing, and how to write an essay based on a specific muckraking case.Muckraking is an investigative style of writing that explores the ethical aspects of society through researching and documenting its darkest secrets. In previous years, most muckraking case investigations were conducted by labor unions or pro-labor groups. Nowadays, investigative journalists such as scribes such as Michael Isikoff can carry out investigations of their own that don't necessarily involve such types of groups. Investigative reporting can take many forms, from investigative magazine articles to investigative feature length films.Muck raking can get quite boring, though, without a muckraking essay sample to guide you. For example, if you're going to investigate the truth behind how the oil industry, which is responsible for many of the environmental disasters in the world today, is hiding all of the hazardous materials that it generates, then you need to do research into the type of oil that they use. You also need to know why they use the chemicals in the first place, how long it's been in use, and the methods they use to make the oil, which are used in not only the oil drilling industry, but also in the manufacture of the plastics that have been banned for use in the environment today.It's also important to know about the conditions in which oil is produced in the first place. Most countries around the world don't have the infrastructure that a facility like the Bakken Formation in North Dakota has. Before they were able to tap into this type of oil deposits, there was a struggle to developit. There was a lot o f pressure placed on indigenous communities that are the only ones who can actually work the oil sands to produce the needed product.A muckraking essay sample, in addition to showing you what the oil industry looks like in general, is a means of helping you understand how the oil industry operates. This is important because you don't want to go around writing articles that take sides in the political struggle, or focus on the ecological and social issues that are closely linked with the oil industry. You want to tell the story of how a company's business practices are really different from those of the average citizen and why. These types of articles are critical for the reader who can't get enough of the bottom line of the political struggle.Some great places to start your research are the big energy companies, the congressional staff members, the elected officials, and the government agencies that regulate the oil industry. You can also turn to the newspaper archives to help you w ith the details of how the oil industry has changed over the years. If you find a particular company has a particularly dark side, or one that doesn't do a very good job of reporting on its own environmental record, it will be easy to point out.Writing a muckraking essay sample can help you understand the techniques and standards of the different investigative journalists, such as scribes like Michael Isikoff. You'll have a good idea of how to write your own essay and how to dig deeper into a topic to find out the real story behind it.

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