Monday, February 17, 2020

Based off documentary (George) Orwell rolls in his grape Essay

Based off documentary (George) Orwell rolls in his grape - Essay Example There are several examples of the media not engaging in critical thinking throughout this movie. One of the main problems with the current media practices is that media will often report whatever they are told is happening without actually dissecting the context surrounding it. For instance, the media’s current coverage of the protests in New York over Wall Street do very little to unpack the socioeconomic causes of this anger, or the realities of the issue. Instead, they simply either cast the protesters as â€Å"good guys† or â€Å"bad guys† and run a story about how good or bad they are. Likewise, the movie â€Å"George Orwell Rolls in His Grave† shows that the media has a clear agenda that it pursues relentlessly, which is the aggrandizement of media and the protection and expansion of media profits. Media companies have become more and more concentrated into small ownership groups, so there is no real competition in the media market anymore, and whene ver there is a news story about deregulation of the media, the media portrays this as an amazing thing with no downsides because they want to be able to make more profit off of it. There is no way to truly be a critical thinker if you are relentlessly pursuing an agenda, so in this way the media fails to actually engage in critical

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