Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Integrated essay sample

An integrated essay sample can be used for a variety of purposes. This kind of an essay is not only helpful to the individual writers but is also important to the research companies.

The components of this type of an essay contain all the relevant information required when carrying out research. For an individual writer, there is no time wastage especially in finding other sources, which provide the required information. For instance, the format of an integrated essay is set in a manner that allows the readers to clearly understand different issues within the essay.

A writer can easily look for a particular issue within the content without having to look at the whole essay. Alternatively, the writer can choose to go through the whole book since the essay is usually very short. Choosing on the method to find particular concepts in the integrated essay depends on the reader. For those who wish to comprehend all the issues within the essay, it is advisable for them to read the whole essay. On the other hand, those wishing to grasp some few concepts within the essay can choose to read specific parts within the essay.

A research company to perform the following functions can also use an integrated essay sample. Firstly, the essay can be used as a guide for training the new writers who have joined the company. This method of training is usually very cheap since a single individual can train many writers at the same time. In addition, integrated samples have all the necessary steps that writers should follow to help in writing good essays. By providing such samples to the different writer, the level of writing academic papers can be greatly increased.