Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Harper lee no symbolism college

Most of the works by Harper lee are based on the normal issues that individuals face in their daily lives. Harper lee no symbolism college is an example of a paper written by the author that focuses on peoples’ activities. This is a novel that reflects the daily activities that take place within students in the colleges.

Most of the students focus in discussing issues such as why there exist lot of differences between the white people and the blacks. For a very long time, the black people have been seen to be less innovative as compared to the white people. The inferiority occurs especially in regard to their ability to make new invention and discover major developments that greatly enhance the improvement of the lives of the people.

This is one reason why some people prefer to associate much with the white people in relation to the black people. However, it is important to understand that, the black people have of late been able to make a tremendous effort in revealing their true self. Currently, the black people are at the fore front in making major inventions which are very helpful to the human being.

For example, the work by Peterson is greatly attributed in terms of the significance progress achieved in reducing the spread of communicable diseases. Thus the black people are slowly receiving some form of recognition. People have been able to link the black people as being capable just like the white people.

Therefore, there is no reason why the black people should be viewed as being incapable of making major developments in terms of coming up with new discoveries through innovations.thy are as important as to any other human being in the universe.